The Main Decision, Casual, Dressed Up or Somewhere in between?

We can’t wait to see you at the Studio! You’re setting time aside with your family for our session and we want to create something extraordinary, beautiful and meaningful for you. Our best advice for what to wear? You’ll want to wear clothes that are simple and classic so that when you look back, you see yourselves–your joy and your connection–and not focus on the specifics of what outfits you were wearing.

A few helpful tips…

For your B&W Portrait Shoot

For some moms, this is perfect time to wear that beautiful dress you love or those shoes you’ve been wanting to take out of the box again from last year. It’s always a great time for a classic look for Dads, such as a sport coat with dark jeans, or nice pants and a button down shirt. Suits and tuxes are always classic. When you see your portraits displayed, you’ll remember not only how you looked but also how you felt during the session. It’s important to feel confident and beautiful by planning ahead and incorporating your family’s personal style.

For other families, getting dressed up is absolutely the wrong fit for them and adds undue stress to the portrait experience. Please be yourselves! Dark jeans, long sleeved pastel or solid colored shirts and sweaters with texture photograph beautifully in B&W.

Black and white is a powerful and expressive artistic medium. The absence of color allows us to see personalities more deeply and clearly, highlighting your family’s closeness and connection. Black and white portraits often have a timeless quality that adds to the overall expressiveness of the portraits.

Instead of choosing white, consider going for pastels that will photograph white. You can also choose deeper hues like dark greens, reds and purples that appear dark gray or black when rendered in black and white. It’s ideal not to be too matched, unless that is your specific vision for your portraits. Black and grey also work well. We want you to be the center of attention, not your clothing!

When in doubt, please bring a few options to the Studio and we will help you to choose what will photograph best.

What other details should I consider?

HAIRSTYLES: We recommend having your hair cut or trimmed a week or more in advance. Don’t try a totally new hairstyle or color, as it takes time to get accustomed to a new look. Hairstyles that keep hair from falling into your face or your children’s faces are excellent choices. If needed, a hair coloring touch up is ideal to have 1-2 weeks prior to your session.

SHAVING: Gentlemen may need to shave just before the session, as a “five o’clock shadow” cannot be removed with retouching.

CLOTHING FIT & PREPARATION: Wear only well-fitting, freshly-pressed clothing in good repair. If clothes are tired or worn, it may show in your portraits. 

GLASSES: If you wear glasses most of the time, you may want to wear them in your portraits. You can eliminate the reflections and distorting refractions by having the lenses temporarily removed or borrowing a pair of empty frames similar to yours from your optician. Please take these same steps if you have tinted, photo-gray, or non-glare lenses. The problems caused by eyeglass lenses are almost impossible to correct with retouching and may distract from the beauty of your portrait.

SHOES: Wear dress shoes for formal outfits; loafers, sandals, boat shoes, or boots for casual outfits. Please avoid flip-flops, crocs, and athletic shoes with bright patterns. Bare feet are fine. We suggest having your shoes cleaned and polished.

NAILS: Check for chipped nail polish (don’t forget to check your toes too if they will be visible!). Consider a manicure for a beautiful finishing touch. 

ACCESSORIES: Keep jewelry simple and elegant. For men, a dress watch or no watch is recommended.

A beautiful portrait appears effortless, but there are many details that can make a substantial difference in the quality of the art, and your enjoyment of the experience.

If you have any questions or would like to text us photos of outfit options, please contact us at 512.861.8899.

The magic…

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