Creatives, parents, photography nuts.


We’re Jenn & Jim, the duo behind the studio. Back in 2018, we had a dream to create something totally different in the world of studio photography – black and white portraits that transcended snapshots to become art. We lucked out and bought a historic 1898 downtown Lockhart building, started renovating and the rest is history.

We grew our family by adopting two amazing toddlers. That’s when it hit us: we had literally no baby photos of our kids. The pain of not being able to share those memories with them was a gut punch. We know first hand that this time is fleeting, and we’re soaking up every moment. Today we’re the proud parents of one fully launched Army MD daughter and two teens who keep us on our toes (and in the car, driving them everywhere). Over the years, we’ve ensured we take lots of photos of them growing up.

But we don’t just create portraits for our family; we create them for yours. We obsess over crafting something as singular as the people and dogs we photograph. Along with a meaningful and fun experience to remember. The last thing you need is a generic family photo. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to create portraits that are anything but ordinary. Portraits that will make you feel like you’re at an art gallery opening – except the stars of the show are the people you love most in this world.

We’re in the heart of Lockhart, Texas

Our Journey


Our small team of portrait artists are dedicated professionals with decades of experience behind them. We are all committed to ensuring that not only do you look amazing in your portraits, but that you feel right at home here in our studio. When we’re not creating your portraits, you will find us doing things like teaching university classes, running half marathons, caring for elderly parents, renovating adobes in New Mexico, photographing music festivals and film sets, traveling the world and enjoying every moment with our loved ones and pets. We also occasionally do pop up studios across Texas, hitting the road to capture families in their hometowns.

Things we love


We believe in the power of giving back. Our portrait studio has had the privilege of fundraising and donating over $60,000 to incredible local organizations that make a real difference in the communities our clients call home. Through creative initiatives like charity book projects and session donations, we’ve partnered with non-profits dedicated to animal welfare, health advocacy, children’s causes, and more.

Our commitment to making a positive impact goes hand in hand with our passion for creating beautiful, authentic portraits of families and their beloved dogs. If you know of a non-profit that could benefit from our support or if you’re in need of donations, we’d love to hear from you. Together, we can contribute, one meaningful portrait at a time.


At our core, we are more than just photographers; we are portrait artists, humanists, and enthusiasts of all things related to people, families, and dogs.

When you visit us, you’ll feel at home the moment you walk through our door. You’ll be paired with our portrait artists who help you have a fun, stress-free, and creatively charged experience. Your comfort is our priority. Introverts, shy people, nerds, limelight lovers, all neurotypes, people who don’t know what a neurotype is, ranchers, city dwellers, and aesthetes all feel welcomed here with us. If you have an inkling that you’d like something different than the same old, same old, you’ve found the right place. We’re here to help you make beautiful memories. Meet our Portrait Artist team below.



Photographer: Ansel Adams

Artist: My wife, Tamara

Food: Lasagna (it’s all Garfield’s fault!)

Destination: Rio De Janiero

Pets? YES! “Nossa” the dog


Photographer: Jason Lee Perry

Food: New Mexico Chile Rellenos–breakfast/lunch/dinner,

Destination: Santa Fe

Film: “American Symphony,” about John Baptiste.



Photographer: Petra Collins,

Food: The Potato (in all its forms)

Destination: Holyoke, MA (home)

Pets? YES! 5 year old rescue dog, named “Peter.”


Photographer: Dorthea Lange

Food: Christmas enchiladas (green and red)

Destination: New Mexico

Pets? YES! 3 dogs, “Queenie, Ida Mae” and “Watson” and 1 cat, “Oliver.”



Photographer: Sally Mann

Food: Carbonara

Destination: Beaches !



Photographer: Bob Gruen

Food: Thai Food (Pad Kee Mao)

Destination: New York,

Pets? YES! “Moonie” the dog and “Violet” the cat.


Photographer: Gordon Parks

Food: Tie between Pad Thai and mom’s enchiladas

Destination: New Zealand

Pets? YES! “Furiosa” and “Nayla” the dogs and “Calcifer” the Bearded Dragon.


Photographer: Marina Williams

Food: Sushi

Destination: Sweden (to see family)

Pets? YES! “Milo” the dog and 3 cats: “Maya, Luna and Jack Kitty.”



Photographer: My mom and dad. (I’m an assistant!)

Food: Anything Japanese

Destination: Japan

Pets? YES! 2 dogs, “Appa” and “Groot” and 2 outdoor kitties, “Charlotte” and “Charley.”


Tucked into a 125-year-old brick building on Lockhart’s charming town square, is the home to the flagship JLS Portrait Studio. Natural light spills across antique wood floors – some of which Jim scraped by hand – and spotlights Gus Birkner’s original 1898 German craftsmanship. This serene, elegant and historic space sits in beautiful contrast to our modern approach and state-of-the-art black-and-white portrait Studio.

When you enter one of the Studios, you can almost imagine the faint smell of a darkroom as you see our Black-and-White Gallery featuring dog portraits and family portraits, paying homage to our long personal history with black-and-white photography’s analog origins.

Families who visit for portraits often make a day of exploring the quaint town square, its’ ‘most photographed’ courthouse in Texas, visiting a wonderful array of cute shops, art galleries, eateries and of course, world-famous BBQ.




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