The FAMILY Experience

We’re a team of portrait photographers and artists with a passion for creating stunning black and white portraits of your family that are anything but ordinary. When you choose us, you’re not just getting a run-of-the-mill photo studio experience. Instead, we’ll work closely with you to understand your distinct personalities and style, so we can create family portraits worthy of being called art. What can you expect when you arrive? A warm welcome into our creative world. We can’t wait to start this incredible journey with you and create unforgettable memories!




You can be yourself here. We guide you, helping to bring out your best selves. We know how to flatter you, but also keep it real. While making gorgeous portraits, you’ll also be making fun memories with the people you love most in all the world. It’s a win-win.

Families drive from in from all over Texas to experience what we offer. And they often make a whole day of it! Lockhart is a total gem, with its cute town square, “Most photographed courthouse in Texas”, art galleries, unique shops, and famous BBQ joints. It’s the perfect spot to explore before or after your session.



The Consultation


We go ‘old school’ here with an old fashioned, analog phone call. No AI, just real talk to learn more about your family or dog and anything we need to know to further customize your session to fit YOU. Getting to know more about you and your family before the session, is key to making beautiful portraits that look and feel like you. 


Your photo session


We designed our Studio with you in mind so you feel right at home. You’ll meet your portrait artists and visit over a bottle of water—still or sparkling? We have a dedicated changing room for you with a full length mirror and the perfect spot to hang any additional clothes. There are snacks including nut free and gluten free ones for the taking.

In the camera room, our team will help you every step of the way, both by giving you gentle direction and catching you being yourselves. This is no ordinary portrait session. You’ll feel relaxed, have fun and leave feeling so happy that you came. And before you step out the door you’ll be able to see and touch the museum level artwork we create, such as our Acrylics, Italian Boxes and Storyboards.


Your Art Selection


Your images have been prepared in our exclusive B&W Style for your cinematic Zoom presentation. Guided by one of the Studio’s expert Portrait Designers, we’ll presemt your portraits and go over all of the current artwork and digital options, helping you place an order that will look perfect in your home, and that you’ll love forever.


Delivery Day


Your order is ready and your artwork has arrived! Perhaps you selected a gorgeous acrylic piece for your living room or a matted print collection for a gallery wall. Your artwork is lovingly packaged and shipped directly to you so that you can start enjoying it now and for decades–even generations– to come. Digitals are shared via a link so you can start sharing on socials the moment you get them.


Heirloom Images for folk who want theVERY BEST.


You want to soak up every second of them at this stage and then, before time whizzes by and they’ve changed again! You can’t stop time but you can have Lindberg portraits that transport you back to the exact feel of how they used to hug you and how wonderful and precious those moments were.

You had a portrait session once before and everyone complained

And you don’t want the same thing to happen.

You don’t enjoy having your picture taken

And you always hate how you look.

You have tons of pictures of the kids on your phone

But none of them with you.

Behind the Scenes

Ready to take the next step?

When you invest your time with us, you end up with something much more than just pictures. We’re Art Makers. The effortlessness of our experience will make you feel at home and relaxed (and even have fun!) and the resulting art images will take your breath away.

And after it’s all said and done, you’ll be bursting to have something so beautiful of your people… portraits that you can hold in your hands – display on your walls, and share on your socials. And when you’re sitting all together looking back at family photos, now you’ll be in them too! Life can be so busy – It’s never the perfect time – but you’ll never regret taking the time to come to our Studio and capture these moments with your wonderful family for years to come.

I’m Ready


We work with you to help select the right clothing for your portrait session Many families opt for two looks. This can be a formal or semi formal classic look paired with a more casual style, such as dark jeans, button up shirts for men, and casual dresses or skirts for women, or textured shirts and sweaters for all. Depending on your family’s personal style, some opt for casual and the more fun or funky. The Studio provides all scheduled portrait clients with a detailed guide that includes wardrobe suggestions and ideas. Please see our blog post on what to wear for more ideas. Feel free to bring several options with you as we have a comfortable changing room and we have built time into your appointment for you to change clothes and we can help you choose what will photograph best. 

We block out an hour for your appointment and your actual photography session lasts approximately 30 minutes, depending on the number of people in your family or the number of dogs in your pack. Portrait Sessions currently take place on Saturdays and Sundays, by appointment.

Our Studio is in Lockhart, close to Austin and not far from San Antonio. Most of our clients drive 30 minutes to 3 hours to come and see us, and often make a day of it here because the town is so historic, walkable and cute. (And BBQ!) Be sure to visit our local art galleries, vintage and antique stores, cafe’s and Bookery that many children–and adults–love!

One of our dedicated designers will review your portraits together with you on Zoom within 1-2 weeks after your session, allowing you to experience and reflect on the beauty of your family using our fun and efficient selection process and unique software. As you select your favorite portraits and presentations that best suit your home, aesthetic and budget, we’ll help you to feel confident in your decisions.

All orders are placed and taken care of at this meeting as on-line postings and printed proofs to take home are not available. The Zoom reveal is often described as one of our clients’ favorite and most memorable parts of working with us. Please review the Artwork Section of our website to see some of our most popular artwork for our clients.

An important note: If you are married or partnered, both you and your spouse or partner will not want to miss this Zoom, which currently takes place by appointment on Fridays and Sundays. Why is this? In most relationships, both members tend to like having at least some input (either financial or aesthetic) in the selection process. It’s also emotional, and happy tears can and do often happen. (Bring tissues, just in case!) Too many times, we have heard extreme regret when a partner has not been able to attend so while it is not required, it is strongly encouraged. Second Zoom appointments are expensive and can be challenging to accommodate as we are a boutique studio that is booked to a limited capacity so that we may serve our clients at the highest levels of attention and detail.

The Studio’s Museum Wall Art Portraits and Boxes are handcrafted by the finest purveyors from all of the world, from the US to Italy.
Clients are given a time frame of 6 weeks to 3 months for their artwork to be completed and delivered to them. Your pieces will be lovingly packaged and shipped to you at home, making the process of adding museum quality art to your home both convenient and simple. Digital Artwork takes an average of 4 weeks to complete.

Our standard session fee is $750 which includes a $250 ordering credit. We do have special offers for first-time clients and for clients who participate in one of our special artist projects, where clients grant permission for us to share their images in our displays and social media galleries and are selected via an application process.

Jennifer Lindberg Studio is known for its timeless and luminous B&W style but some clients love color as well. If you would like to order your portraits in color, please let your Portrait Designer know at your Zoom Reveal & Ordering Meeting and we’ll provide you with color add-on options.


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